Come Join Us

We teach Self-Defense in a non-judgmental and welcoming atmosphere. From our perspective, self-defense is not learning how to fight, its actually learning how to avoid fighting. In our classes, we help each individual develop the techniques and strategies that work for them. Everyone comes to us with different strengths, abilities, experiences and we work with each student to incorporate each of those into their self-defense solution.

Our Physical Defense techniques are based on Krav Maga. We teach not only how to strike but where to strike for effectiveness. We also teach what to do when someone puts their hands around your neck or grabs you to force you to another location…and many other effective technoiques to use the attackers energies against them. At the end of the day we just want to go home to our families. Our approach is that if you are forced to use physical techniques we want you to be prepared but if you can avoid or deescalate a situation, that is better. We use the physical lessons to teach the nuances of avoidance, evaluating behaviors, and de-escalation.

Impact 360 Memphis works with TRTG (The Threat Response Training Group) in partnership in the preparation of the citizens of Memphis and surrounding communities to live safer and more productive lives.