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Whenever anyone talks about self-defense, our minds are conditioned to visualize elaborate martial art techniques taking years of training, firearm deployment resulting in a gun battle, or some other Hollywood based image we are used to seeing. That’s not us. We don’t train our students to become fighters. Fighting implies that there is a set of rules. There are no rules when our safety is threatened. We train our students to respond smartly without the alpha male mindset. To react swiftly and efficiently with force using techniques impacting the bodies weak points and pressure points in order to escape.

The Four States of Self Defense

Everyone, no matter who, can learn self defense techniques that work for them. We take students where they are and teach them to find their strengths and sharpen them to live safer. We operate under 4 states of defense; awareness, avoidance, engagement and escape. 

Awareness – We teach and stress the importance of staying aware of our surroundings through observation, techniques borrowed from combat behavioral profiling, and situational awareness.

Avoidance – The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is exactly what we stress. Once a situation has been identified as potential compromising then we take action to avoid it entirely. Of all the self-defense techniques, avoidance is 100% effective…every time.

Engagement – No matter how much we try to be aware and prevent a confrontation, we can still be surprised. In those times its important that we train top respond from a verbal engagement in ordert to deescalate to a full on physical response in order to save our life. Always. always always our first response to a robbery where there is no initial physical threat is compliance. Goibe them your wallet, your jewelry, and your phone. However, if there is a fear of physical threat then its time to engage physical. Our physical training teaches the techniques of Krav Maga, Karate, Taekwondo, Akido, Kung Fu, Boxing and other self defense disciplines.  

Escape – If we can’t avoid a situation then our goal is to escape. Our engagement should be designed to get away from the immediate confrontation and get to a safe place whether that’s using compliance or a physical response. We stress that there is a line between self-defense and assault. We don’t teach the use of firearms, although we believe everyone should carry legally and responsibly, our focus is on empty hands defenses and non lethal defense tools such as pepper spray.

Impact 360 Memphis focuses on self-defense that anyone and everyone can use. Our instructors are all black belts at a minimum in their respective disciplines. We meet every other Saturday and every Wednesday night for individual and personalized instruction. Our address is 777 South Main, Memphis TN 38106.

We would love for you to join us and be a part of the Impact 360 community.