10 Foundational Principles of Impact 360 Memphis
  1. We affirm that there is no universal, one-size-fits-all, solution to personal safety and self-defense. Everyone is different and have a unique set of skills, strengths and experiences to work with.
  2. We help each student identify their strengths as they develop their own personal safety and self-defense strategy…no matter who they are or their circumstances.
  3. We provide training to non-violent people to increase their chances of survival in a sometimes violent world.
  4. Compliance to a threat is sometimes the correct response… sometimes it’s not. It’s important to know the difference.
  5. We first teach Awareness to practice Avoidance.
  6. If de-escalation techniques are not fruitful and we sense immediate danger, then we Engage in order to Escape.
  7. Our training is focused on self-defense without the use of firearms.
  8. We want to make our engagement as quick, and as effective as possible focusing on points of contact that diminish the threat as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
  9. We stress the impact of our emotions and that adrenaline rush in a defensive situation. We bring awareness to the line that separates self-defense and assault so a bad situation doesn’t get worse.
  10. We want to carry ourselves so as to convey a message to potential attackers that we are not an easy target.