360 Degree Self-Defense

How cool it would be if we had the power to thwart evil as easily as we have seen it done in the movies, on TV or on the internet? At impact 360 Memphis, we might not be able to teach you to fly through the air but we do teach some pretty cool stuff. However, there’s more to us than just cool moves… we want our students to see the big picture of personal safety. While we train on the physical and tactical aspects of Krav Maga and self-defense, we also train our students to think about avoiding an attack as much as they think about defending themselves against an attacker. We illustrate this perspective through what we call the 360 Degree Circle of Self-Defense: Awareness, Avoidance, Engagement, and Escape.

0 to 90 Degrees

The first condition represents a state of acute AWARENESS of our environment. It is YELLOW because it is a cautionary state. Depending on the activity around us, our intensity level might change from casual to serious to urgent. At its most intense it is a call to action.

90 to 180 Degrees

The second stage represents AVOIDANCE. It is GREEN because it is a zone that we want to be in. Once we detect a potential conflict, we take the appropriate steps to avoid that situation and maintain our safety.

180 to 270 Degrees

The third zone represents the ENGAGEMENT zone. It is RED because it is the most critical state. It represents a point in our self-defense that we are in a direct confrontation with a potential attacker. It is an intense and highly active mental and intellectual zone that may become physical as it develops. This is not where we want to be…but we may be there through no fault of our own. It is dangerous and volatile because it is fluid and unpredictable with many unknowns. In this zone we first try to deescalate but may have to use physical force to disorient or disable an assailant to create a gap of time and space so that we can get away. Its because of this zone that we continually train on the techniques and tactics of Krav Maga and self-defense.

270 to 360 Degrees

The fourth area represents a place of ESCAPE. It is also GREEN. If we enter the engagement zone, our whole objective is to escape and get to safety. Once we are in this escape zone we can take any necessary action to tend to ourselves or others.


We stress that self-defense is not about crime prevention. It is not about defending your property nor is it about revenge. It is purely focused on keeping us safe at the very moment when what matters most is dealing with the personal threat of physical harm.

No type of self-defense preparation guarantees your personal safety but at Impact 360 Memphis we want to shift the odds in our direction through education, mental preparation, and physical training. All levels of fitness are welcome and there is always some way we can better prepare ourselves to decrease our visibility as a potential victim and increase our odds of survival.

We promise that after our first class you will be more prepared than you were before you started. With just one of our classes you will take away tools that will immediately put the odds of personal safety more in your favor.

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