Our Approach

Impact 360 holds a unique place in the self-defenses market as most school focus on physicals techniques. We want to offer our students a comprehensive perspective when it comes to protecting ourselves, our families, loved ones and friends.

Our program is three dimensional in that we have an educational, principle based, and physical component to our structure.

Educational Foundation

We discuss and evaluate different topics pertaining to self-defense to develop our knowledge, intellectual scope and emotional foundation for self-defense. We discuss topics from case studies, understanding of legal principles, force multiplier options, philosophies, de-escalation techniques, understanding criminal behavior and other topics that are related to protecting ourselves.

Principle Based Structure

We study the mechanics and principles of the physics of self-defense. Including anatomy, technical principles such as levers and fulcrums, striking principles and other principles that we can apply. Teaching only techniques is great if we are attacked like we trained to defend, but there are infinite number of variations that we need to prepare for. No two attacks are ever the same

Physical Technique Training

We use the physical training to teach the applications of the physics of self-defense thereby extending our capability to a wider range of possible interactions. We teach effective hand, leg and feet techniques, choke defenses, bear hug escapes, wrist grab defenses, attacking vulnerable parts of the body, force multiplier disarms and other physical techniques.