Self-Defense: CCW, Krav Maga or Both

When I took the CCW course to gain my permit, one message was preached above all else. I am responsible for any bullet that leaves my gun. I am responsible civilly. I am responsible criminally and I am responsible financially. Even if I was 100% in the right and I legitimately feared for my life, I still can be held legally, financially and civilly responsible. When it comes to making a decision to use a firearm for self-protection, there’s always the potential unknown repercussions of the aftermath. The more advanced training I took, the more I was reminded of how much opportunity there was to make a mistake. It didn’t dampen my resolve to carry, just my commitment to keep training.

It concerns me to see video, watch news reports, and hear stories about how people use their weapons on a daily basis…some seemly justified and some not. It concerns me how popular the thinking is that just possessing a weapon will guarantee your security. The more I train and the more I pay attention to events around me the narrower the circumstances I perceive which will force me to pull my weapon. That’s when I realized I needed more options.

I wanted another choice between doing nothing and pulling out my gun and shooting someone. That’s when I decided to train in Krav Maga. That’s when I decided to train with Impact 360. We train in avoiding situations. We train in techniques and tactics that help create space in order to get away. We also train in how to counter an attack and temporarily take away the assailants offensive capability as well as disarm them from any potential weapon they may have.

Now my weapon has become less instrumental to my self-defense and my response to potential situations can be more measured, proportional and effective.

There are other reasons I study and train in Krav Maga. As I grow older I was to stay more flexible, sharper, and fit. I have more confidence. I have a sense of accomplishment as I progress through the belt system. I have taken civilian emergency response courses and other safety courses. I want to be able to help and aid others if I have the opportunity.

I started at the extreme end of self-defense and personal protection with my CCW, but any action that anyone takes to improve their security is a step in the right direction. The self-defense that Impact 360 Memphis provides is a great first step on the road to keeping you and your family safer.