Will this be physically stressful?

That depends on how much you exert yourself. This is not designed to be physically stressful or to be aerobic in nature. We are introducing self-defense techniques and tactics, There will be breaks and periods of discussion about self-defense.

Who is this seminar designed for?

It is designed for everyone. There is no activity level or recommended level of physical fitness. Anyone can benefit from this workshop.

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are a mixture of 3rd 4th and 6th degreed black belts In Karate and Taekwondo who have competed and won competitions on a national level. We will also have instructors and students of Krav Maga that will provide assistance

What equipment do I need to bring?

No equipment is required. We will use specialized kicking and punching bags as well as training knives, clubs and rubber firearms for demonstration and training.

What kind of things will we learn?

Specifically we will introduce and train on hand, fist, forearm and elbow strikes and punches, knee and leg attacks, choke, bear hug, and head lock defenses and escapes, Pressure points of attack as well as demonstrate club, knife and gun defenses and disarms. We will also talk about mental awareness and preparation, strategies and as well as prevention and avoidance of potential harmful situations.

If I have attended before what will be different for me?

For those who have taken the introduction course previously we will work on developing power and effectiveness as well as accuracy and placement. We will also begin to train on weapon defenses and disarms. We have specialized equipment for returning students.