Foundations (4-Week) Self-Defense Class

Week 1 – Creating the Fundamental Toolbox 

Objective: To show that virtually anyone is capable of learning self-defense and executing it effectively.

Content:  Defining Self Defense/Creating Expectations · Leverage & Balance · 3 Ds of Strikes · Strike Theory · Turning Action into Reaction · Redirection · Techniques: Jab & Cross · Front Kick · Round House · Demonstration: Pinky Push · Demonstration: Joint Lock · Demonstration: The Swim

 Week 2 – Developing the Toolbox

Objective: To reinforce and solidify the previous weeks work, introduce new techniques, add to the principles of self-defense.

Content: Review: Previous Week · Importance of Visualization Techniques: Strike Development · Groin Kick · Hammer Fist (Front & Side)  · Using your Elbows

 Week 3 – Applying the tools

Objective: To add additional tools for the toolbox to help round out the options that each student has to use against an attacker and to stimulate thought on their own self concepts when it comes to self defense

Content: Review: Previous Week · The Southern Problem · Intro to Spotting Danger · Developing a Strategy · Avoidance, De-escalation, Engagement · Developing Awareness · Listening to Your Inner Voice – 7 Survival Signals · Techniques: Strike Development · Blocking · Intro to Tactical Anatomy

 Week 4 – Bringing it all together

Objective: To bring together the last 4 weeks where we have a beginning coagulation of intellectual, emotional, and physical self-defense concepts and techniques

Content: Emotions & Self Defense · Switching Between Mindsets · Defending from a Superior Position · Techniques: EDC (EveryDay Carry) · Techniques: Combining Techniques & Concepts – Reacting to Role Playing · Demo/Preview of Future Curriculum Techniques · Graduation · Congratulations