Welcome to our Impact 360 Personal Safety and Self-Defense Assessment

This is a nonscientific assessment based on 17 questions that are designed to provoke thought and discussion. There are no right or wrong answers only your honest answers with respect to your self-defense habits and practices. We probe everything from personal assessment of your attitudes on conceal carry, home protection, driving habits, public perspective, preventative measures, online security, and the police and governments role in your daily personal safety and self-defense perspective.

Its free, informative, thought provoking, conversation starting, fun, interesting and enlightening. Results will be emailed to you. Feel free to email any feedback to us by clicking here.

Start by telling us a little about yourself…not too much just your name and email address.

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1. I am currently training for a defensive skill such as martial arts, boxing, Krav Maga, kick boxing or other defensive discipline. Choose the best answer that fits your situation.
2. I read articles, visit websites, subscribe to defense-oriented newsletters or belong to an organization or school that teaches and practices self-defense.
3. I currently incorporate an alarm system/video surveillance or both as part of my home defensive system.
4. I review in my mind and create mental movies for various scenarios and visualize what I might do if confronted?
5. When behind the wheel, I drive in a steady and predictable manner always keeping in mind the cars behind me and around me. I try to stay away from erratic drivers.
6. I discuss and have conversations with my friends and family about habits for staying safe
7. When I pull up to a traffic red light, I try to pull into an outer lane, leave myself an avenue of escape and stay vigilant with respect to my surroundings.
8. When I visit the mall or park in an urban/downtown area, I first scan the area where I am parking to look for potential danger
9. When I am walking about or jogging, I constantly keep my head up and look around to spot any potential danger.
10. When I go into a convenience store, I evaluate whose in there, what they are doing and where they are in the store.
11. How much does this statement describe you? "I am extremely careful and take every precaution with my online purchasing, passwords and financial information such as credit cards and banking information.
12. How would you measure your agreement with this statement? “It’s the responsibility of the police to make our community safer, I will just call them if I need help.”
13. Which best describes you and your attitudes toward firearms?
14. I subscribe to a service like LifeLock
15. What do you do with your garage door opener at night?
16. How careful are you about posting personal information on social media?
17. would you like to try and free Krav Maga self-defense class on us? (This question does not affect your assessment score)