There are three truths we recognize with respect to self defense and personal safety.

1 We believe there is evil (people) and they have no respect for others. This evil cannot be reasoned with and hoping that it just won’t hurt us is not acceptable. Once that evil makes a decision to cross a line where physical harm is imminent, then that’s the last choice they get to make until we are safe.

2 We know that in times when we are stressed, we will revert back to our training. Our goal is to provide that training that creates an effective response to any kind of physical threat we made come across. That response will include, escape, running away, de-escalation, or other tactics and techniques that can eliminate the immediate threat.

3 We accept that there is always risk. There is no universal solution to stay safe every time. Not every tactic or technique will work in every situation. It is better to be ready and prepared to defend ourselves when there is no other choice, than to rely on the mercy of the assailant.

  • We train to maximize our chances of surviving the evil we know exists
  • We train to so that in times of stress we can respond effectively
  • We train to greatly reduce our risk.

In our training we teach three aspects to self defense: 

  • Awareness and Avoidance
  • De-escalation and Limited Compliance
  • Active, Physical Self-Defense.

Awareness & Avoidance Every situation is different but we teach common sense awareness, red flag recognition, subtle anomalies that may indicate danger, learning to rely on and follow your gut instincts. We discuss and teach key habits to implement and practice into our daily routines in order to increase the odds of staying safe and raise the odds of our survival. Keeping our heads up and engaged in the environment to avoid a potential situation is far more valuable that being able to deliver and effective strike.

De-escalation and Limited Compliance We teach limited compliance when avoidance is not an option. If they just want your wallet or phone give it to them, no inanimate object is worth the loss of life or severe physical injury, but there is a limit to our compliance. If they want to take us to another location, the answer is no. If they cross a line and begin to inflict personal harm, the answer is “no.” Our objective is to survive. There is a time to be compliant, and there is a time to fight.

When its Time to Fight for your Life When de-escalation is not working and the physical threat is eminent, then it is time to act. We begin our physical training with the basics from disorienting our attacker through strikes and kicks to enabling our escape using more advanced techniques by incapacitating or disabling our attacker. We also teach defenses against use of various weapons in a variety of attack situations. Our goal is to empower the average citizen using the techniques and tactics of Krav Maga, Karate, and Taekwondo that are effective and easily exercised for self defense of ourselves or our loved ones.