Curious About What we Do? Learn the Basics. Attend Our Self-Defense Orientation Class – Single Class


This is an introductory class is for the person who wants to experience what do as part of our regular program. We introduce the basic theories, tactics, and techniques of Self-Defense and Krav Maga. This is a hands on class where you experience self defense techniques first hand. We promise you wont be disappointed.



Note: There is no pre-requisite of any level of knowledge, fitness, athletic ability or physical ability or handicap. Everyone is welcome and can learn something to protect themselves. Our classes are very welcoming.

Our Promise

Our orientation is not a tour of the building where we watch a class already in session, nor is it a class room environment where we go over boring theory. It is a jump in and learn type of environment. From the very first hour of the orientation, we promise you will learn something that you could immediately use to defend against an attacker.

Starting Off

We start off with the basics. We begin with a welcome to all, announcements if there are any and some reminders about what we want to accomplish. Next everyone will go through a healthy stretch to help us loosen up. Don’t worry if you can’t stretch much the first time, That gets easier the more you do it.

What to Expect Next

Next in our orientation, we start off with some drills to help get our hands and minds in sync then we will work on some basic striking skills like punches, palm thrusts, elbow throws and kicks. At the same time we will work on where to strike for maximum effectiveness. During our orientation we will then move to defending against wrist grabs and learning a technique we call the swim which is very effective and is common to many of our maneuvers. In the orientation session we will also illustrate differences between different types of chokes, their dangers and defenses against them. If time permits, we will watch the advanced group as they work on their skills to defend against weapons using some of the training weapons we use such as handguns, knives and blunt objects such as clubs or pipes.

Try a Class On Us – TRY360

If you haven’t been to one of our classes before and you want to learn more, you can check us out for free. Just use code “TRY360” at checkout for a free class. We look forward to seeing you!


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